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when care is


we all feel 

the difference.

Your monthly gift can ensure access to mental health care for local children, adults, and families regardless of background or financial situation

In April 2019, we began our mission to ensure high-quality mental health care access for everyone. 
As of December 2023: 

860+ children, adults, and families have been able to find help at NLCC

Children, adults, and families have accessed over 12,300 HOURS of clinical care.

88% of all clients have been from right here in Southern Chester County, with the majority in Oxford, West Grove, and Lincoln University.

60% of all clients have been under 25 years old.

NLCC Client Stories

About their experience with their therpapist

[My Therapist] has saved my life. Literally. I love and appreciate her more than I ever could have imagined. She has become my calm place during this storm

I enjoy talking to [my therapist]. I think she has been able to describe me accurately, so I know she is listening.

Positive. I trust my therapist and feel I can be honest. I feel she is honest with me.

NLCC Client Stories

about positive change, growth, and seeing a difference in daily life

I CANNOT imagine living through this pandemic without [my therapist] in my life. Her guidance has been absolutely PRICELESS. I have tools to cope with my fears, insecurities, and life’s uncertainties.


I'm managing relationships and demands at work better.

Happy Couple

[My Therapist] has helped me be more positive and help me not stress over things I can’t change. I’m learning it’s ok to have feelings of anger and other things but I don’t have to let them consume me.

2023 Client Survey

At New London Counseling Center I feel...

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respected and listened-2.png
welcomed and comfy-2.png

NLCC Client Stories

about whether they'd recommend NLCC to family and friends

Smiling Senior Woman

Yes, [my therapist] changed my life for being there when I needed a listening ear.

Happy Family in Nature

Definitely. I didn't want to go, and I never thought I would need it but it helps.

Family at a Beach

Yes. I feel NLCC has been very flexible, supportive and engage at the level requested by patient.

2023 Client Survey

At New London Counseling Center I feel...

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You Can Make Healing Possible

for local children, adults, and families

Every day, we have the privilege of witnessing these incredible stories of healing and resilience. They are an endless source of hope and inspiration for the future--both for our organization and for our community.
But none of this connection, healing, or growth would be possible without our generous, compassionate supporters.  We invite you to make a gift today to ensure that the road to resilience in not one our neighbors, family, and friends will have to walk alone.

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