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Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Who We Help

Our patients range from five years of age through the lifespan


Outpatient care is available for individual, couples, and family sessions in both 50-minute standard length and 25-minute brief sessions. For more information about session length and frequency, we encourage you to contact our office.

What We Help With


Grief & Loss






Eating Disorders Stress 

Marital Struggles


Parenting Challenges  

Child & Adolescent Issues

How We Help

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Trauma Informed Care

Faith-Based Counseling

Adventure-Based Therapy

Eco-systemic Structural Family Therapy

Funtional Behavioral Assessments

Solution Focused Therapy

Team Building and Business Consultation

Motivational Interviewing

How to Schedule

Calling our office at 484-746-3112 is the best way to set up your appointment. If you’re not ready to schedule just yet, we’re always happy to answer your questions or address your concerns by phone or email as well.

Testing Services

Testing Servics

About Testing Services

The Purpose of Testing


Testing is helpful in making or confirming a diagnosis, which can inform providers, care-takers, family, and schools on how to best support a child or adolescent. Common things we test for:


Behavior Disorders


Developmental Disabilities (Autism)

The Testing Process

Testing involves a comprehensive evaluation of the patient, including gathering information from those who are involved in the patient's life (i.e. parents, teachers, day care providers, medical providers, etc.). With this information, the clinician will develop an assessment protocol and administer game-like tests to learn their strengths and weakness, their preferred learning style, how their brain works, and possible diagnostic conditions that may exist.

Testing Results


Clinicians will give verbal feedback with care providers and/or the patient in addition to a written comprehensive report detailing specific recommendations to help the patient achieve optimal functioning at home and at school. With permission, results can also be shared with third parties to help determine appropriate accommodations to maximize the patient’s strengths and support areas that need accommodation or extra attention.

The Length of Testing

Testing involves an initial interview session which can last from one to two hours and a testing session which may be from 1-6 hours depending on the tests administered.  Because testing is tailored to the individual patient and highly variable, session length and cost will vary. 

Neuropsychological Testing

Testing Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Child In Speech Therapy

Psychological Testing

Areas typically assessed: diagnostic clarification of psychiatric conditions; self or other-harm risk evaluation; collecting baseline data and tracking treatment response; assessing personality traits; assessing coping styles; assessing social skills; evaluation of readiness to return to work or school.

Neuropsychological Testing

Areas typically assessed: IQ, attention, memory, motor, visual processing, auditory processing, spatial processing, language, executive functions, social skills/judgment, and emotional processing.

Testing Service


At this time, testing is only available children and adolescents who are five to twenty-five years of age.

New London Counseling Center policy prohibits the release of testing results for use in litigation including but not limited to custody hearings, forensic purposes, and court-ordered testing.

Fees and Insurance

for Testing

Testing fees include of initial interview, assessment, and comprehensive testing report. Due to the individualized nature of testing, fees will vary depending on the tests administered. To determine testing costs, please contact our office to discuss your needs. All service fees must be paid in full to receive the final comprehensive testing report.


Fees for testing services are not eligible for sliding scale fee structure and patients are strongly encouraged to contact their insurance provider to determine if they may be eligible for out-of-network reimbursement.


Testing Services

Calling our office at 484-746-3112 is the best way to set up your appointment.


If you’re not ready to schedule just yet, we’re always happy to answer your questions or address your concerns by phone or email as well.

Group Offerings

Join a Group
Girls Talking




We aim to guide and support girls experiencing difficulties with peers at school and in other social interactions. We will use a curriculum that addresses basics of friendship and conversation, managing emotions and conflict, as well as developing positive self image and empathy.


This group is in the preliminary planning stage so the age range, appropriateness of each child and focus of the curriculum will be assessed and adjusted as the group comes together.


Meetings will be 50 minutes in length and be held weekly for 4 weeks and a rate of $15 per session.

Happy Woman





This series is designed not only to help you break the busyness and distraction of life, but also guides you in learning to slow down and reclaim your focus, attention, and calm. And the key to this change? Mindfulness.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and are $15 per session. Please call to discuss group rates.

Meeting dates and scheduling are still in the planning phases. Let us know what works for your schedule!

Cheerful Seniors





This group aims to support caregivers and spouses of those suffering from memory loss

Closed Group

Fees and Insurance

Fees and Insurance
The time and money you spend on your mental, emotional, and relational well-being may be one of the most important things you invest in. The benefits of therapy are often priceless with long-lasting positive effects for you and your loved ones.
New London Counseling Center operates as a fee-for-service facility. The fee charged for each session is the financial responsibility of the client at the time of service.
 We highly recommend that you contact your health insurance provider before your first appointment to find out if you are eligible for out-of-network reimbursement and how the process works. We will provide you with an invoice to submit to your health insurance company.
Therapy may be paid for using your Health Savings or Flex Spending Accounts. Our fees are $100 per therapy per 50-minute session. 25 minute sessions may be available upon request.
If you are uninsured or have a financial barrier that prevents you from paying the full rate, please contact us to discuss how to apply for scholarships and subsidized therapy costs. A sliding scale will be used to determine any discount rates
To aid as many people in our community as possible, clients receiving a therapy scholarship will be limited to 8 (50-minute sessions) OR 16 (25-minute sessions) every six months. Clients in need of continued treatment can request additional sessions after the six-month time period has lapsed.
Households will be able to receive up to two separate scholarship  services through NLCC at one time. This may be a combination of individual counseling, family counseling, or couples counseling, eg. a family may receive individual counseling for the mother and family counseling, thereby totaling two services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Share Your Story

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