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2021 Programs


Mental Health Access: Outpatient Care

We believe that every child, adult and family should be able to access high-quality, compassionate mental health care from a licensed therapist. Our Mental Health Care Access Program ensures that care is possible for all and that no one in need of care is turned away for financial reasons. As the cornerstone of our organization, contributions to this program subsidize anywhere from 25% to 90% of therapy costs for those clients whose income or circumstances prevent them from otherwise accessing care and ensures that New London Counseling Center does not have to turn away anyone seeking care regardless of their financial situation.


Mental Health Access: Group Therapy

This program provides a compassionate space where local adults and children can heal, connect, and share common mental health concerns and experiences. Led by one or more members of our licensed clinical team, group therapy sessions are designed to help participants understand that they are not alone and that healing is possible. Contributions to our group therapy program will reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket cost for group members and provide necessary supplies for group activities. Help from our community also allows us to expand the number of group offerings in order to aid more members of our community.


Mental Health Education: Workshops and Resources

This program provides community awareness of common mental health concerns in an effort to make mental health a more approachable topic, reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health care, and improve understanding of the importance of mental health. As part of this program, we meet with local community groups, host workshops, and create videos and articles addressing common concerns like stress management, parenting, communication, the experience of seeking mental health care, and much more. Contributions to this program equips community members with knowledge about mental health topics, including how to access care when they need it.

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I feel like I've become unstuck and started hoping and working towards making things better."

-NLCC Client

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